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A Viking Saga: The Darkest Day posterTitre du film : A Viking Saga: The Darkest Day
Date de sortie : 2013-07-23
Durée: 88 Minutes
Coulé : Gareth John Bale, Ian Dicks, Richard Elfyn,
Synopsis (Anglais) : "The Darkest Day" follows a young monk Hereward, forced to flee the Viking's bloody and brutal attack on Lindisfarne Abbey in 793AD. Hereward and the elderly Abbot Athelstan escape the slaughter and mayhem on the holy isle and spirit away the most cherished religious icon of its age, 'The Lindisfarne Gospels'. Pursued by a Viking death squad hellbent on retrieving the book, not just for its gold but for its powerful hold on the hearts and minds of the people of the land, the Monks must cross the medieval badlands and take the Gospels to safe haven of the Monastery of Iona. The Vikings chief Hadrada's pursuit of the Monks and their prize is relentless and furious following the bloody death of his son but after weeks at sea, not all his men see eye to eye with his revenge-driven campaign. Aided by Aethulwulf, a Saxon warrior sent to protect the book, the band conspire to evade the pursuing Norsemen and survive an apocalptic land ridden with witchcraft, plague and bandits to reach their goal, but a chance encounter with a bound and blindfolded peasant woman threatens to split the group with mortal consequences. (c) Official Facebook

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Breaking The Girls posterTitre du film : Breaking The Girls
Date de sortie : 2013-07-26
Durée: 85 Minutes
Coulé : Agnes Bruckner, Madeline Zima, Shawn Ashmore,
Synopsis (Anglais) : In a thriller reminiscent of the best of Alfred Hitchcock, Madeline Zima and Agnes Bruckner star as best friends who share everything until one of them reveals a twisted sense of loyalty. Sara is an ambitious, beautiful twenty-something working her way through law school. Her hard work and stellar academic record has paid off with a coveted scholarship. Her kind spirit and generous manner attracts one of the popular guys at school, Eric. His jealous girlfriend, Brooke, who comes from a wealthy, privileged background, decides angrily to publicly humiliate Sara at the bar where Sara works. Watching from the bar is Alex, gorgeous and even more privileged even than Brooke. Alex takes Sara under her wing to comfort her. As a way of getting back at Brooke, Alex encourages Sara to continue her flirtation with Eric. For a little while, it's great fun. But it backfires - Brooke's father is the head of the scholarship board, and Brooke convinces him to revoke Sara's scholarship. Then Brooke gets Sara fired from her job. Devastated, Sara turns to Alex. As the two girls become closer, a sexual tension develops between them. As they discuss what to do about Brooke, Alex tells Sara about her own stepmother, a woman she despises. Alex casually suggests to Sara that they should make a murder pact. Alex would kill Brooke for Sara, and Sara would repay by killing Alex's stepmother. All their problems would be solved. Sara shrugs off the suggestion as a joke. The next day, Brooke is found dead, and Alex appears at Sara's door, reminding her of the pact. Sara realizes she has been used and that Alex has set her up to take the rap for Brooke's murder. Out of her elements and emotionally distraught over the betrayal, Sara knows that if she wants to survive, she is going to have to fight back with an equally cunning and deadly plan of her own. (c) IFC

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The Time Being posterTitre du film : The Time Being
Date de sortie : 2013-07-26
Durée: 88 Minutes
Coulé : Wes Bentley, Frank Langella, Sarah Paulson,
Synopsis (Anglais) : Daniel (Wes Bentley) is a struggling young artist whose ambitions have pushed his marriage to the brink. When a reclusive millionaire named Warner (Frank Langella) purchases one of his pieces, he hopes for additional commissions from a new benefactor. Instead, Werner offers him a series of increasingly bizarre surveillance assignments. As Daniel starts to unravel the secrets behind the requests, he must determine if Warner is out to further his career or ruin his life. (c) Tribeca

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Extracted posterTitre du film : Extracted
Date de sortie : 2013-07-26
Durée: 88 Minutes
Coulé : Sasha Roiz, Dominic Bogart, Jenny Mollen,
Synopsis (Anglais) : A scientist invents a technique to enter people's memories deep within their subconscious when their mind is at its most vulnerable state. When he is tasked with entering a convicted criminal's mind to see whether he committed murder, he is faced with his most dangerous and risky memory extraction ever. (c) Phase 4

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Wasteland Warriors posterTitre du film : Wasteland Warriors
Date de sortie :
Durée: Minutes
Coulé : , , ,
Synopsis (Anglais) :

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Drug War posterTitre du film : Drug War
Date de sortie : 2013-07-26
Durée: 107 Minutes
Coulé : Louis Koo, Honglei Sun, Yi Huang,
Synopsis (Anglais) : Manufacturing just fifty grams of meth in China will earn you a death sentence, and Timmy Choi (Louis Koo) has manufactured tons of it. After a violent lab accident, he's in the custody of Captain Zhang (Sun Honglei), and now he has only one chance to avoid execution: turn informant and help Zhang's undercover team take down the powerful cartel he's been cooking for. But as the uneasy allies are forced to compress months of police work into just 72 sleepless hours, the increasingly desperate police are quickly stretched past their limits. As things spin wildly out of control, the line between duty and recklessness is blurred, and it becomes unclear whether the cop or the criminal truly has the upper hand. (c) Variance

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Stranded posterTitre du film : Stranded
Date de sortie : 2013-07-26
Durée: 88 Minutes
Coulé : Christian Slater, Brendan Fehr, Michael Therriault,
Synopsis (Anglais) : When the isolated U.S. military moonbase is bombarded by a rogue meteor storm, Colonel Gerard Brauchman (Christian Slater) and his small crew are cut off from Earth with their life support failing. Before long, the crew discovers the meteors harbored alien spores...and they're replicating. Now a vicious, shape-shifting predatory life form is loose inside the crippled facility, picking off victims one by one. Locked in a desperate fight for survival, Brauchman and the terrified remaining astronauts have one final mission...keep the creature from escaping the moon and finding a new food supply on Earth. (c) RLJ Entertainment